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The Season of Giving and Thanksgiving

  There are times in our lives when we are so focused on achieving our goals and obtaining our desires that we tend to forget what life is really about. We plan for our future; we are constantly preoccupied with success… our personal goals, making sure we complete each task in our agenda, caring about the way others perceive us. Life can seem as a race… running towards something… a goal, a purpose… whatever drives us at the time. It is important to have goals in life, but while we are running the race we tend to forget to smell the aromas of nature, to feel the sunlight warming our skin, hear the birds, feel the movement of the trees,...

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The Art of Cultivating

The concept of working hard and being dedicated reminds me of the process of cultivating. Cultivating involves hard work, you have to work the land, dedicate time and effort in order to see the crops grow. Like with everything we value, our business, our careers, our dreams, but most importantly; our relationships.

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One thing in life that is certain is that we will all have needs that must be met by someone other than ourselves. Our society has taught us the value of independence while diminishing the need we have to depend on each other. It is great to be able to be self sufficient, but as the famous phrase says “No man is an island”, there will be a time when you will need a hug from a friend, the opportunity to start a new job, a homemade bowl of chicken soup when sick. Acknowledging and honoring the service provided at the time of need, the opportunity given to start a new venture, the moments shared that made an experience unforgettable…...

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